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The Entrepreneurship as a Service – Agency


We help Start-Ups and Solopreneurs to successfully launch their business.

We do this by implementing critical infrastructure and by helping to operate efficiently and effectively.


We help young e-commerce brands and coaches to scale their business to 7-digit revenue

We do this by scaling online marketing and sales automation and by building the infrastructure that can encompass high throughput.


We help established small and medium sized businesses to strategize and implement digital solutions to their most pressing business challenges.

We do this through automation and process digitalization of sales, marketing and management practice.

Our clients

Start-ups, Experts, Midmarket Firms:

These companies trust our expertise.

Expansion Method

Infrastructure and Online-Marketing for a Start Up of the Company Builder 3Horizons

Build – Start-Up, digital knowledge product, online-marketing, digital infrastructure, video content, UX, UI, web design, funnel design, worldwide launch campaign, marketing consulting


Brand, website, online store and marketing for an innovative furniture system with product-market fit

Build & Grow – e-commerce, furniture industry, online marketing, digital infrastructure, web design, newsletter marketing, SEO, video content, social media, pricing strategy, fulfillment network


Sure In: B2B lead generation for a Sequoia-funded SaaS startup

Grow – Start-Up, SaaS, B2B Lead Generation


Stoffetauschen: Strategy consulting and creation of a marketplace for fabrics in the DIY industry

Build & Grow – marketplace creation, marketing, consulting, social media ads, digital infrastructure


Establishing an Etsy product with product-market fit as a nationally known niche product

Build & Grow – E-commerce, brand development, online shop, online marketing, automation, video content

VDP.Prädikatsweingut Schwab

Digitization and development of a modern e-commerce system for a German winery

Transform – Medium-sized winery, digitalization, e-commerce, online marketing, digital infrastructure, video content, newsletter marketing

Galerie Minimal

Brand, website, online store and marketing for a start-up gallery

Build & Grow – E-commerce, online marketing, digital infrastructure, video content, web design, event marketing, social media

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About us

Tafka – The Entrepreneurship-as-a-Service Agency

Tafka is a digital agency enabling ambitious entrepreneurs to build, scale and transform their business.

We support entrepreneurs in reaching their strategic goals through a holistic approach encompassing strategy, design, technology and marketing.

Our focus is on building long term business relationships by providing measurable results through state of the art marketing solutions.

TAFKA was founded by Fabian Willi Simon, Florian Kazimirski and Nils Wadt in 2022, integrating their diverse business backgrounds and competences in order to put it to work for a shared client base. TAFKA is an Akronym for “The Agency Formerly Known As”, reflecting this moment of integration and consolidation.

Nils Wadt

Business analysis, growth strategy, digital marketing & sales, e-commerce, business development.

Fabian Willi Simon

Video marketing (TikTok, Facebook, Instagram), FPV drone pilot, full stack video production, automation, lean digital business infrastructure.

Florian Kazimirski

Creative direction (Web, Ads, Mobile), holistic marketing consulting, digital coaching products, e-commerce, performance marketing.


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